WinTopo Free conversion software -Covert images, jpeg, bmp, jpg to DXF

WinTopo Freeware software -Covert images, bmp, jpg, jpeg, png, gif  to DXF
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WinTopo is free and was a project was instigated to provide a quality raster to vector conversion solution as good as high priced commercial products. They also offer a paid version as well with additional features and enhancements.

Specifications of what Wintopo coversion software can do

  • Load BMP, TIF, GIF, JPG and PNG raster files.
  • Perform raster thinning, or edge detection.
  • Vectorise the thinned raster to single colour vectors.
  • Colour vectors.
  • View the vectors overlaying the raster.
  • Scale the vector drawing.
  • Save the vectors to DXF, SHP, MIF, WMF or other vector formats.

Wintopo will Covert files to DXF

  • BMP to DXF
  • TIF to DXF
  • JPG to DXF
  • JPEG to DXF
  • PNG to DXF
  • as well as any scanned images to DXF.
  • raster images to DXF